Friday, May 16, 2008

Last Day Teaching

Well, today was my last day of actual teaching. Only two days of proctoring finals, one inservice dayday and a bunch of grading and I'm done. Today was fun though. We had a Latin Celebration. The parents brought Roman food made from traditional recipes such as braised cucumbers, pastry rounds, brussels sprouts with walnuts and others. They also brought fruits, veggies, etc. and I brought some chicken, bread, olives, nuts, olive oil. If we were real Romans, we would have been very wealthy based on what was at our feast.

Here are some pics of my kids and me:

Here are my kids enjoying their Latin food. We had a ton!

Here are my awesome 7th graders!

And my incredible 8th graders!

And here's the cool sign they made me. I loved it! :)

Thanks to all my kids and parents for making me feel loved and special! I love you all!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

I got a new camera!

My birthday is next week, and my AMAZING husband bought me a new camera. I got a Nikon D60 with two different lenses, a camera bag, and an 8 gig card. It is awesome! He is so generous to me. :) I get to use it this Saturday at Scarborough when we go back (weather permitting). Here is me trying it out (yes, this is the obligatory "taking my pic in the mirror" shot).