Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Here the Scarborough pics I promised.

This is a weapons demonstration before the King and Queen.

They are "Cut, Thrust, and Run." Yes, one of the guys is named "And". There are four of them. They are a comedic sword-fighting group.

Brian decided to battle the knights.

This is the troll king.

This is my favorite act in all of the Faire - Daniel, Duke of Danger. He is an amazing acrobat. No matter how many times I hear his jokes, I laugh every time.

No, I don't know exactly what he is supposed to be, but it was interesting.

This is Dr. Kaboom. He is a new act this year. Usually the Mud Show is there, but they weren't this year. Dr. Kaboom usually is in the Mud Show. Although we missed the Mud Show, Dr. Kaboom was hilarious and we actually learned some science too. All of the acts take up donations/tips whenever they are gone. He jokingly suggested giving him 20's. Barbara took 2 dimes up to him and said, "Here's twenty." As you can see from the picture, he got a big kick out of the joke.

Posing for pictures. Somehow this is the only one of Chris and I that we got that turned out okay.

I like this one that Brian took of Scott and Barbara.

I took this one of Brian surveying the Faire. This was his first year to go.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Scarborough Renaissance Festival

Well, Chris and I went to Scarborough Faire, and it was so much fun! We got there right at opening time, and it was not nearly as busy as we thought it would be. Chris's parents and brother went with us. We saw multiple shows including my absolute favorite, "Daniel Duke of Danger". He is a hilarious and amazingly skilled acrobat. We watch him every year without fail. We watched a cool weapons demonstration where I learned why not to wake a Scotsman up in the morning...it involves a very large pointed sword. We were sad that the Mudd Show wasn't there this year; however, one of the actors from the Mudd Show is now "Doctor Kaboom", and his show was great! He combines science and humor to do some really cool tricks. He also explains how guys back in the Renaissance were able to perform "magic" tricks like creating smoke out of genie's bottles. They had some new acts this year in addition to Doctor Kaboom. We saw The German Twins who rap. They were funny. Evidently all Germans are balding (according to them - don't be offended if you are German), so they adopted the men in Chris's family as Germans. The crafts are really neat, and, if you go for nothing else, go for the food! :) Delicious as always. I'll try to post some pictures very soon.